1. Find someone you trust. You’ll be sharing your personal information so you don’t want a blabber mouth. 
  2. Talk to your accountability partner about your goal. To make it easy on both of you use SMART goals for your discussion.
    S – Specific. What are you trying to do? 
    M – Measurable How do you know when you’re done? 
    A – Achievable A goal can be challenging, but it must reachable. 
    R- Relevant It should be part of the big picture of your life. 
    T –Time -Your goal as a deadline. 
  3. Be specific regarding what action you’re going to take to meet your goal. If you’re stuck what action are you going to take to get unstuck and moving. 
  4. Establish a check-in schedule. How often are you going to check in? Remember your accountability partner isn’t your mother. Their job is not to hunt you down and make you do your homework. Some will but don’t ruin a friendship being lazy. 
  5. Review your goals during the process. You may decide your goal has changed. If you lack progress your accountability partner may ask you if this is something you still want to do. Give it some thought before you say yes. 

Having an accountability partner requires you to accept responsibility for your actions and to stay committed. Having a partner requires you to why you did or didn\'t do something. 

The people in your circle are cheering for you. Allow them to assist you in your journey. Remove the excuse you’ve surrounded yourself with. 

Wishing you the best in all you do.