This class is about giving the student a biblical foundation for their finances. We know according to Hebrews 4:2 the gospel was preached. However, it didn’t profit everyone because it was not mixed with faith. The word of God will be applied to financial planning, with an emphasis on budgeting. Be advised this class is not about accumulating stuff and money.


  • Show students how to start creating a financial foundation using God’s method and God’s word
  • Discuss Money and Hindrances
  • Discuss Budgeting – practical application, how to create a budget that works for the individual
  • Discuss Net Worth – what is it and why you need to think about it
  • Discuss Estate Planning – practical application, how to get started
  • Discuss Retirement – overview of retirement planning


In order for this to be a life changing class the student needs to:

  • Show up on time
  • Show up with an expectation from God
  • Be committed to hearing what God has to say
  • Be committed to moving forward

Instructor’s Agreement

The instructor does not require and will not request to see any student’s personal information. The instructor will not speak down to the class. If information is not helpful, the student is authorized to let the instructor know so other suggestions can be made. This class is a no judgment zone and all personal facts and comments are kept in confidence.


Register Now for Spring Financial Class 2018 “Get Your Financial House In Order” This is a 6-week course starting Thursday, January 10th @ 7:30 PM.  Cost is $75.00 per Person. The course is open to ALL.  You MUST register online on the Lifeline Church Chicago at Life Training Institute website. 


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