In September everyone and their mother came out with their 10 Best High-Yield Savings Account list. I normally just scan the list, because for the past several years my bank has been listed at the top. However, this year I noticed my bank didn't make all the list. Hey, don't judge me. Yes, I'm one of those people who actually do know the yield on their savings account and check to make sure my money is working for me.  

Every book or article you read about money says, “SAVE”. But how do you really determine how much to save? I’ve been doing some research and there are all kinds of theories out there. One theory is save 10% of your income. So here come the questions; is that gross or net? What if I don’t have 10% left after my bills? Another theory is save until it hurts. If you’re not hurting from saving you’re not doing it right. Really? Saving money is not a punishment. Here’s the deal. Saving money is just simply a good financial habit. Research shows over and over again that higher income people are more likely to save than lower income people.